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Elizabeth is a Canadian born Filmmaker currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. Filmmaking has always been Elizabeth's first love and she has held many jobs in the industry including Field producer, Camera Operator, Assistant Editor and Full-time Editor. Some of the clients Elizabeth has worked for include iHeartRadio, Viacom, Smashbox Cosmetics, Anheuser-Busch and Fox/Studio Ramsay.
You can learn more about Elizabeth at 

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Bryce began shooting when he was 15 years old, mainly shooting skateboard films in his hometown Long Beach, CA. As he later branched off into Narrative Cinematography, he joined IATSE Local 728 as a Set Lighting Technician and worked for many years lighting under the industry's top Cinematographers. Currently Bryce works exclusively as a DP, shooting a variety of Narrative & Commercial content. Learn more about Bryce at



Niki is a singer and actor originally from Springhill, Louisiana. She has appeared in films such as Killer Diller, He's Just Not That Into You, Love Ranch and Revival!
When not on set or in the studio, Niki is 
regularly on tour with her band singing her heart out. To learn more about Niki visit 


A'Keyah Williams

Originally from Boynton Beach, Florida. This film serves as A'Keyah's LA camera debut after spending the past 5 years doing theatre in NY. Her personal life's journey consists of a series of trials and triumphs; and it is through her perseverance and commitment to expression that she is able to be a vessel in the telling of one woman's road to recovery.

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Sardia Robinson

Sardia Robinson is an actress, comedian, writer, producer, director and humanitarian. Born in Jamaica and raised by her aunt and grandmother, Sardia attended Columbia College where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre. Sardia has performed at New York's United Solo Theatre Festival, the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, the Shakespeare in Paradise Festival and the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where she was recognized with the festival's prestigious "Innovative Women in Theatre" award.


Frania Dueñas

Frania Dueñas immigrated to Long Beach, CA from Guadalajara at the age of 5, and with the help of the DREAMER program,immediately took to acting. Through her craft she has learned to embrace the intimacy that goes into connecting with a fellow actor and bringing a character to life. Frania has connected deeply to the film Me Little Me, as she battles with her own inner turmoil, in a world where mental health is put on the back burner. 


ReSheda Terry

A native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, ReSheda D. Terry has always had an affinity for people and the world around us. Childhood introduced her to the performing arts, but relocating to NYC as an adult allowed her to plunge into the journey of storytelling. It was then she discovered that this would be her life’s work. Eager to explore  and constantly seeking to grow, she hopes her work encourages others to do the same.

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